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Our Project Methodology

We leverage a phased approach methodology to execute our projects. This methodology represents a proven solution that provides for well defined phases that take into account the business requirements, architectural design, system testing and managed release cycles.

This approach is organized into the following distinct phases:

Visualization Phase:
The purpose of this phase is to understand the current environment, establish the project scope and establish the state of the technology in this project. The thought processes covered in this phase are the:
  • Scope Assessment
  • Initial Project plan
  • Risk Assessment
  • Systems Specification

Planning Phase:
The planning continues in this phase until the following detailed functional requirements and system architecture documents are developed:
  • Network Architecture Design
  • Project Plan
  • Prototypes
  • Recommended Architecture Document

Building Phase:
The objectives of this phase are to test and construct the systems planned and agreed on in the previous phase. Work that is performed is:
  • Proof of Concept
  • Initial production implementation
  • Testing

Deployment Phase:
The Deployment Phase includes final development, installation, and deployment of all systems. Follow-through is provided in the form of training if applicable.
  • Final deployment
  • Systems documentation
  • Training