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CPA Firm Implementation


This CPA firm’s major client manages multiple companies and needs to have access to the accounting books remotely. The existing setup did not allow more than one concurrent user on the system, and the firm’s workload had increased to the point where two people needed simultaneous system access at all times.

As a result of a security audit, this client demanded tighter
security and backup procedures. They wanted to see the files protected and stored outside of the building where the system resides.

The old environment was made up of three stand alone computers with local databases and the staff would email each other their reports.

The new environment:

Network: centralized file & print and application sharing
Files are organized on the server so all users can access them at all times. The firm takes advantage of the ‘Previous Version’ feature to instantly recover lost files and keep track of multiple documents version. QuickBooks is on the server for multiple users to concurrently enter transactions and run reports. Multiple printers are shared from the server allowing users print according to their type, volume and quality needed. Users can access their Email from any location and on their Windows Mobile devices.

Remote Access: VPN & telecommuting
The client can access
QuickBooks remotely and multiple users can create transactions simultaneously.

Security: multiple levels of access
Every important document is secured based on departments and different levels of access, using authentication and authorization built in to Microsoft Small Business Server, with password protection and folder structure.

Backup: protection and disaster recovery
Backup is done over the Internet via a script. Users do not have to worry about changing tapes and rotation schedules. In case of a disaster, the information can be restored to another machine from anywhere with an Internet connection.

Virtual IT department: SandiaSystems
We maintain the entire network. We monitor the status of the server, handle updates on the workstations, provide daily reports, and support and maintain every single device in the network.