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Property Management


This real estate company manages commercial properties for third party owners, and provides services for tenants in multiple buildings in the area. Building Managers and engineers located at the remote buildings must access software applications at the main office for accounting, service work orders, and monthly reporting.

The current network configuration has limited access, allowing two concurrent users from a remote location.

With the organization expanding, they needed an affordable way to provide 20 users with simultaneous access to the corporate applications.

The new environment:

Network: centralized application sharing
Multiple corporate applications are now shared by over 40 users. Monthly reports can now be accessed by the corporate office at all times.

Virtualization: workstation access
The system allows for easy maintenance and updates of the workstations by adding new virtual machines without expensive hardware upgrades.

Remote Access: VPN & telecommuting
The client can access QuickBooks remotely and multiple users can create transactions simultaneously.

Security: multiple levels of access
Every important document is secured based on departments and different levels of access, using authentication and authorization built in to Microsoft Small Business Server, with password protection and folder structure.

Backup: protection and disaster recovery
Backup is done over the Internet via a script. Users do not have to worry about changing tapes and rotation schedules. In case of a disaster, the information can be restored to another machine from anywhere with an Internet connection.

Virtual IT department: SandiaSystems
We maintain the entire network. We monitor the status of the server, handle updates on the workstations, provide daily reports, and support and maintain every single device in the network.